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Information on Whips

Roohide Stockwhips

Roohide whips are the Rolls Royce of the whip world, crafted from quality graded kangaroo leather. Using strong dense kangaroo hide allows the whip maker to produce the fine plaits for which the Australian roohide whip is renowned. Roohide is said to be one of the strongest leathers in the world.

Quality roohide whips use a plaited whip as a core, to aid in strength and balance of the finished product. For example, a 12-plait whip may have a 6-plait core, and a 16-plait whip may have an 8-plait core.

The quality of roohide means that the roohide whip will not stand up to as much abuse as a whip made from cowhide. For example, the roohide whip will not handle being cracked on the ground, on fences or against trees.

These whips are all specially balanced and can be made to any length. The most popular lengths are between 6 to 7 feet  for adults. Smaller sizes may be more suitable for children (for example 3 to 4 feet long).

Plait types range from 8-plait to 12-plait and 16-plait.

Ironbark Stockwhips are made by a craftsman whose main focus is to produce a quality whip which will be able to last a lifetime.


  • Usually made of cane with a plaited hand grip.

  • Handles usually range from 16 to 21 inches long, with a thong from 6 to 10 feet long, and a fall from 2 to 3 feet long.

  • At the end of the handle, and of the thong, are keepers, which form a connection between the handle and the thong.


  • Usually taper down from the keeper, which is the join between the handle and the thong.

  • The length of the thong is the length of the advertised whip. The handle and fall lengths are not included in this measurement. For example, a 6 ft. roohide whip has a 6 ft. long thong.

The Fall

  • This is a strip of leather attached to the end of the thong. It is usually made from redhide, which remains oiled and therefore lasts longer than some other leathers.

  • They are designed to take the brunt of whip use, as they are more easily replaced than a plaited section of the whip thong.

  • The fall can be easily replaced when it is worn out.

The Cracker

  • The noise made by a cracked whip is created by the cracker breaking the sound barrier. Historically, crackers were made from silk or horsehair but, these days, synthetic fibres are normally used.

Useful tips on how to care for your whip

  • Try not to ever let your whip crack on the ground, or against any other object. This causes damage to your whip. They need to be cracked in the air.

Redhide Stockwhips

It is one of the leathers used most commonly to create the basic stockwhip.

Redhide whips have a belly, which helps add weight and density to the finished product. These characteristics help the whip crack well.

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